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Yamunotri Yatra 2020, Yamunotri Temple, यमुनोत्री धाम यात्रा

The Opening and Closing Date of Yamunotri Temple shrine in 2020. The Temple opens on the religious day of 'Akshaya-Tritya'

Yamunotri Yatra 2020, Yamunotri Temple, यमुनोत्री धाम यात्रा

It’s so adorable, we can hardly bear it. Folks, felt crafts just don’t get any sweeter than this. Maker extraordinaire Dyan Heffner showed us how to DIY these pinecone bears, and we’re completely obsessed. Look at their little noses! Plus, they only take a few minutes to create, and we guarantee your kids will adore them.

1. Gather Your Materials

These giant knit bunnies can be made in just a few hours using an arm knitting technique, which gives these knits their cozy, chunky look, according to their designer, Annie Weil of Flax and Twine and author of Knitting Without Needles.

The project only requires a few materials, and you can use a set of free instructions and patterns to make them, which Annie shared with Yamunotri Yatra 2020, magazine.

Yamunotri Yatra 2020, यमुनोत्री धाम यात्रा:

2. Cut Out Your Pattern

The bunny patterns come in two different sizes, and you can customize their look by using various yarn hues. The instructions recommend this project for intermediate knitters, but fellow crafters have reassured that just about anyone can tackle this simple project.

If you knit, you practically don’t even need the pattern, one commenter wrote on Facebook

These precious creatures are a wonderful homemade present to give year-round, but they’re especially fitting as an Easter gift.

3. Use the Pattern to Cut the Felt Pieces

You’ve probably seen them everywhere: Cozy, chunky knit blankets are really big right now. In fact, they’ve become so popular, there are now a ton of easy DIY tutorials that exist, and we’ve seen a boon in cute spin-off accessories too.

But of all the interpretations we’ve seen, this idea is by far the most adorable.

Yamunotri Yatra 2020
Yamunotri Yatra 2020

4. Assemble the Bear’s Face

Use hot glue to attach the inner ears, nose and eyes to the bear’s head. Turn your pinecone into a woodland creature by attaching the bear’s head, arms and legs with hot glue.

5. Make Your Bear Some Friends

Find more felt pinecone animal patterns and ideas at Craft-ideas.com. Enter ‘craft-discount’ to get 20% off your membership!

Yamunotri Yatra 2020, Yamunotri Temple, यमुनोत्री धाम यात्राYamunotri Yatra 2020, Yamunotri Temple, यमुनोत्री धाम यात्रा.

Yamunotri Yatra 2020

Yamunotri Yatra 2020
Yamunotri Yatra Char Dham By Car
Perfect Vacation in Dev Bhoomi


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