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Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra 2022, Badrinath Dham – Kedarnath

Badrinath Yatra 2022 or Kedarnath Yatra 2022

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Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra 2022, Badrinath Dham – Kedarnath

Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra 2022:

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and perched at an elevation of 3,133 metres Badrinath temple is a crucial part of the chota char dham yatra. The temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu making it an extremely pious site for Vaishnavites.

The presiding deity is of Lord Vishnu in black stone standing at a height of 1 metre. It is believed that the available statue of Badrinarayan is one of the eight self-manifested statues in India attracting pilgrims and devotees from various schools of Hinduism.

As per some accounts, it was Adi Shankaracharya who had converted this Buddhist structure into a temple in the 8th century.

There are numerous legends and myths surrounding the construction of this temple. One of these legends states that after being chastised by a sage, Lord Vishnu went to Badrinath in order to perform austerity and deep meditation, for a long duration of time in the yogic position of Padmasana.

The Vishnu idol present inside the temple is in the form of a Padmasana depicting the manner in which Lord Vishnu was meditating.

Badrinath is also the perfect destination for adventure and thrill seekers as well with snow covered trekking paths and a breathtaking view of the valley. Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra

Badrinath: Badrinath is venerated as the holiest of holy Vaishnavite abodes in the whole universe. It is believed that Lord Vishnu meditated upon its sacred ground braving its chilly weather, at which Maa Lakshmi took the form of Badri Tree and protected him.

Also, the land is said to have borne the sacred container for tapas of Nar and Narayan, the twin avatar of Lord Vishnu. The land rendered holier by the sacred spiritual austerities meant to bring in highest beneficence for all living beings became a major pilgrimage destination with the passage of time.

Panch Prayag: The holy merger of rivers in Garhwal Himalayas. These include Vishnuprayag, Rudraprayag, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag and Devprayag. Witnessing their holy confluences gifts one’s heart with supreme delight that is unsurpassable. One ought to experience their magical merger with own senses to know this.

Haridwar – Kedarnath – Badrinath – Haridwar

Tour Itinerary (2N/3D) By Deluxe TAXI – CAR


Day 1: Start 6.30 a.m. from Haridwar, Reach at Joshimath Night stay

Day 2 : Start 9.30 a.m. Drive to Badrinath Dham ,reach at Sh.Badrinath Ji.  Take bath in natural Hot water spring Aarti Darshan and arrange your next day Puja & Pind Pradanam etc. After Puja Darshan (14 k.m.) Back Joshimath Night stay (44k.m.)

Day 3: After morning Drive to Joshimath to Rishikesh or Haridwar


Day 1: Start 6.30 a.m. from Haridwar to Pipalkoti 6 p.m. (238.8 km) via NH 7)-Night stay

(Pilgrims take bath in natural Hot water sparing and Aarti Darshan of Gauri Mandir)

Day 2: In The Morning T raking for Kedarnath Ji . Puja Darshan Start 9 p.m. reach at (14k.m.) Night stay , On Horse, (Own Exp.) and Evening Aarti Darshan. Dolly, and Horses Extra

Day 3: Start 6 a.m. After morning Drive to  Haridwar 7 p.m. (230k.m.) Showing Rishikesh -Laxman Jhulla sight seeing .

EK Dham Yatra 2022 Kedarnath or Badrinath Yatra .3 Days Tour Program By Car

Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath
Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath ji 2022

                                 Badrinath Dham History and Legends:

2 Nights 3 Days Kedarnath or  Badrinath EK Dham Package Haridwar and Rishikesh

Badrinath Dham, located in Uttarakhand Chamoli district and along River Alaknanda bank is a much revered religious destination belonging to Lord Badrinarayan who is none other than lord Vishnu. The temple is perched at an elevation of 3133 meters above the sea level.

Badrinath Dham is one of the char Dham in the Chota Chardham circuit and is one of the holiest shrines of the Vaishnavites. It is one among the 108 Divya Desam of the Vaishnavites.

The presiding deity at the temple of Badrinath is a 3.3ft high Shaligram Shila idol of lord Vishnu and is one of the most auspicious self-manifested idols of the lord.

The Yatra season to Badrinath Dham is a six months long season each year, starting from April and ending in the month of November. Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra 2020.

The religious significance of Badrinath temple is closely associated with its mythical splendor and historical value. The Temple of Badrinath doesn’t have any concrete historical records to support its age but one can find a mention of the Badrinath temple & it’s deity in our ancient Vedic scripture which indicates that the temple had been there during the Vedic era.

Some of our ancient texts point out that this temple had been a Buddhist monastery initially and was turned into a Hindu shrine only after Adi Guru Shankaracharya visited the place around 8th century.

The temple architecture and the brightly colored front façade resemble a Buddhist monastery and thus there could be some truth in the above claims. Another story says that Adi guru Shankaracharya had taken help from King Kanakpal, the then Parmar ruler to drive out the Buddhists from the region.

The throne of the king of Badrinath got its name from the presiding deity at the temple and devotees visiting the temple paid ritual obeisance to the king as well. These rituals existed until the 19th century.

When the Garhwal region was partitioned, the temple of Badrinath came under the jurisdiction of the Britishers. However, the ruler of Garhwal still functioned as the key chair person of the temple management committee. The temple was damaged several times due to the adverse climatic conditions but was also renovated several times.

Around the 17th century kings of Garhwal joined hands to expand the temple. After a major damage from the 1803 great Himalayan earthquake, the temple was rebuilt by king of Jaipur.

The history of the temple is supported by many mythical tales related to Badrinath Dham. According to a legendary tale lord Vishnu had performed rigorous penance at this place. During his deep meditation the lord was ignorant of the inclement weather.

His consort, Goddess Lakshmi assumed the shape of a Badri tree and spread over him to protect him from the harsh weather. Lord Vishnu was pleased by her devotion and named the place after her as Badrikashram. In compliance to this legend one would find the deity of Lord Vishnu sitting in a meditative posture within the Badrinath shrine. Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra

Another legend about Badrinath Dham tells that Nar and Narayana; the two sons of Dharam wished to setup their hermitage and expand their religious base at some congenial location amid the spacious Himalayan vales.

Nar and Narayana are actually the mythical names for two modern Himalayan mountain ranges. As per the legend, as they went seeking for a suitable place for their hermitage, they chanced upon the other four sites of Panch Badri; i.e. Bridha Badri, Dhyan Badri, Yog Badri and Bhavishya Badri.

Finally they came to this location which had two fascinating cold and hot springs behind river Alaknanda. They were elated at the very sight it and named the place as Badri visal. That is how Badrinath Dham came into being.

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Ek Dham Yatra BadrinathEk Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra 2022.

Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra 2022

Ek Dham Yatra Badrinath Yatra 2022
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